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Pool Cartridge Deals

Unicel Cross Reference

To Locate the Pleatco pool filter cartridge or DE grid using your existing Unicel part number, simply find your part number on the left column and then click on the Pleatco Prodcut Number in the right column.  Always verify dimendions (located on product page) prior to ordering.

If the link does not work please copy the Product # into the search box in the upper left corner, we are still working on this page. Thank you! 

Unicel # Click Product #   Unicel # Click Product #   Unicel # Click Product #
5CH-203 PLAS35   C-7471 PCC105   FG-1002 PFG1224
C-2302 PRB14.5   C-7472 PCC130   FG-1003 PFG1836
C-2303 PRB8.5   C-7473 PJAN75   FG-1004 PFG2448
C-2612 PRB12-4   C-7474 PCM88-4   FG-1005 PFG3060
C-2613 PRB12L-4   C-7476 PCM90   FG-1006 PFG3672
C-2618 PRB18-4   C-7477 PA75SV   PG-1902 PHG1224
C-3302 PIN3PAIR   C-7482 PJAN145   PG-1903 PHG1836
C-3608 PS9-4   C-7483 PA81   PG-1904 PHG2448
C-3612 PS12   C-7487 PA100N   PG-1905 PHG3060
C-4301 PMT27.5   C-7488 PA106   PG-1906 PHG3672
C-4306 PGF5   C-7489 PA112   FS-2002 PFS1224
C-4307 PGF7   C-7490 PA137   FS-2003 PFS1836
C-4308 POX25-IN   C-7491 PFAB75-4   FS-2004 PFS2448
C-4309 PGF10   C-7492 PFAB100SH-4   FS-2005 PFS3060
C-4312 PA12   C-7493 PFAB125-4   FS-2006 PFS3672
C-4313 PBW4PAIR   C-7494 PA131   FG-1224 PXG1224
C-4320 PA20   C-7495 PA126   FG-1236 PXG1836
C-4325 PA225   C-7497 PJAN100   FG-1248 PXG2448
C-4326 PRB25-IN   C-7498 PCC125-4   FG-1260 PXG3060
C-4335 PRB35-IN   C-7499 PCM100SV   FG-1272 PXG3672
C-4349 PAE50   C-7603 PBH12.5-4      
C-4601 PL18-4   C-7604 PBH25-4      
C-4603 PHP11   C-7605 PBH50      
C-4604 PHP18   C-7606 PBH75      
C-4607 PC7-120   C-7607 PBH100-SET      
C-4609 PC8   C-7622 POX135      
C-4610 PSR15-4   C-7626 PA25      
C-4611 PC11-4   C-7652 PPC50      
C-4618 PC18-4   C-7655 PH55-4      
C-4637 PRB37-IN-4   C-7656 PA50      
C-4950 PRB50-IN   C-7660 PFAB60      
C-4975 PRB75   C-7674 PH75-4      
C-4999 PRB100   C-7676 PA75      
C-5315 PIN20   C-7677 PPC75      
C-5325 PLW25-4   C-7678 PFAB50      
C-5330 PIN28   C-7679 PFAB150      
C-5345 PLBS50   C-7680 PFAB80      
C-5350 PLW50-4   C-7685 PH105-4      
C-5371 PPR75   C-7688 PW133      
C-5374 PLBS75   C-7697 PH155-4      
C-5375 PLW75-4   C-7699 PFAB100      
C-5397 PLBS100   C-8311 PXST100      
C-5399 PLW100-4   C-8315 PRW150      
C-5427 PPR23-4   C-8316 PXST150      
C-5601 PJW23   C-8317 PXST175      
C-5625 PJ25-IN-4   C-8319 PXST200      
C-5635 PJ37-IN-4   C-8340 PA40SF      
C-6405 POX50   C-8401 PDM75      
C-6407 POX75   C-8402 PDM90      
C-6610 PMS10-4   C-8403 PDM120      
C-6616 PMS16-4   C-8409 PA90      
C-6617 PC17-4   C-8410 PJANCS100-4      
C-6620 PMS20-4   C-8411 PA76      
C-6625 PJ25-4   C-8412 PA120      
C-6640 PJ40-4   C-8414 PWWCT150      
C-6659 PD60-4   C-8415 PAST150      
C-6660 PJ60-4   C-8416 PWWPC150B      
C-7301 PAE75   C-8417 PA175      
C-7303 PAE150   C-8418 PJANCS200-4      
C-7306 PJB60   C-8419 PWWCT200      
C-7401 PD20SL-4   C-8420 PA190      
C-7402 PD40SL-4   C-8449 PAST50      
C-7403 PD60SL-4   C-8474 PAST75      
C-7405 PBH-UM50-4   C-8499 PAST100      
C-7406 PBH-UM75   C-8600 PA80      
C-7407 PBH-UM100   C-8610 PA100      
C-7408 PBH-UM150   C-9401 PWW75-4      
C-7409 PD90SL-4   C-9402 PWW100-4      
C-7410 POX100   C-9403 PWW150-4      
C-7414 PLB150   C-9404 PWW250-4      
C-7415 PLB65   C-9405 PAP50-4      
C-7417 PLB50   C-9407 PAP75-4      
C-7418 PLB100   C-9410 PAP100-4      
C-7419 PMT100   C-9415 PAP150-4      
C-7427 PWC25   C-9417 PAP175-4      
C-7430 PJC110-4   C-9419 PAP200-4      
C-7433 PPF33   C-9420 PJ200-4      
C-7435 PCM35-4   C-9475 PJ75-4      
C-7437 PCM44-4   C-9478 PJ150-4      
C-7440 PPF40   C-9480 PJ80-4      
C-7441 PJC147-4   C-9481 PJ120-4      
C-7442 PA40   C-9482 PJ160-4      
C-7447 PA50SV   C-9483 PJ200S-4      
C-7448 PJAN50   C-9485 PA85      
C-7452 PJC180-4   C-9499 PA125      
C-7455 PA55   C-9650 PJ50-4      
C-7457 PWC50   C-9699 PJ100-4      
C-7458 PA56SV   T-380 PH6      
C-7459 PJAN85   UHD-SR100 PSR100-4      
C-7463 PFW60   UHD-SR135 PSR135-4      
C-7467 PPF67.5-4   UHD-SR137 PSR137-4      
C-7468 PJAN115   UHD-SR35 PSR35-4      
C-7469 PCC60   UHD-SR50 PSR50-4      
C-7470 PCC80   UHD-SR70 PSR70-4