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How to Clean Your Pool Filter Cartridge

Provided below are seven simple steps to cleaning yoto check with your manufacturer's specifications whenever applicable. If the : Remove the filter cartridge from the filter housing per the manufacturer’s instructions.

 : Wash the cartridge using any of the following methods:

·        Use an automated cartridge cleaner.

·        Use the Water Wand attached to the end of a garden hose.

·        Use a standard garden hose with a straight-flow nozzle. If using this method, angle the spray at 45 degrees to the cartridge and wash down the cartridge pleats. Spray from the top down and really focus on spraying between the pleats. Continue doing this until all dirt and debris have been removed from the pool filter cartridge. NOTE: If using this method, you must be very careful to maintain proper water pressure and cleaning distance. If spraying too far from the cartridge, the element will not be sufficiently cleaned. The same applies if cleaning with insufficient water pressure. If cleaning too close to the cartridge element, you could damage the pleats, causing the element to be of no further use to your filtration system. The same applies if your water pressure is too high.

 Step 3: Soak the element overnight in ONE of the following solutions:

·        A professional cartridge cleaning solution.

·        One part tri sodium phosphate (TSP) to sixteen parts water.

·        One part dishwasher detergent to sixteen parts water.


Step 4: Repeat Step 2.


Step 5: Examine the cartridge. If it has a microbial coating (algae, mould, mildew, bacteria, etc.), or possesses calcium carbonate, iron, or other various mineral residues then soak the cartridge in a mixture of one part Muriatic Acid to twenty parts water until all signs of bubbling has ceased. CAUTIONWhen handling Muriatic Acid, always use a plastic container for soaking the cartridge and avoid any contact with the eyes, skin or clothing.

 Step 6: Repeat Step 2.

 Step 7: Reassemble the cartridge housing per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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