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Currency - All prices are in AUD
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Pool Cartridge Deals

Filbur Cross Reference

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Filbur #  Pleatco #   Filbur #  Pleatco #   Filbur #  Pleatco #
FC-0303 PLAS35   FC-1977 PCC105   FC-9320 PFG1224
FC-0650 PCM100SV   FC-1978 PCC130   FC-9330 PFG1836
FC-0660 PCM35-4   FC-2014 PPR23-4   FC-9340 PFG2448
FC-0675 PCM90   FC-2018 PPR75   FC-9350 PFG3060
FC-0680 PCM44-4   FC-2130 PPF40   FC-9360 PFG3672
FC-0684 PAP50-4   FC-2170 PPF67.5-4   FC-9420 PHG1224
FC-0685 PAP75-4   FC-2190 PFAB75-4   FC-9430 PHG1836
FC-0686 PAP100-4   FC-2192 PFAB100SH-4   FC-9440 PHG2448
FC-0687 PAP150-4   FC-2194 PFAB125-4   FC-9450 PHG3060
FC-0688 PAP200-4   FC-2320 PRB14.5   FC-9460 PHG3672
FC-0690 PCM88-4   FC-2324 PRB8.5   FC-9520 PFS1224
FC-0695 PCC125-4   FC-2340 PRB12-4   FC-9530 PFS1836
FC-0698 PAP175-4   FC-2350 PRB12L-4   FC-9540 PFS2448
FC-0705 PBH12.5-4   FC-2360 PRB18-4   FC-9550 PFS3060
FC-0710 PBH25-4   FC-2375 PRB25-IN   FC-9560 PFS3672
FC-0720 PBH50   FC-2380 PRB37-IN-4   FC-9220 PXG1224
FC-0730 PBH75   FC-2385 PRB35-IN   FC-9230 PXG1836
FC-0740 PBH100-SET   FC-2390 PRB50-IN   FC-9240 PXG2448
FC-0760 PBH-UM50-4   FC-2395 PRB75   FC-9250 PXG3060
FC-0770 PBH-UM75   FC-2397 PRB100   FC-9260 PXG3672
FC-0780 PBH-UM100   FC-2510 PSR15-4      
FC-0790 PBH-UM150   FC-2520 PSR35-4      
FC-0800 PJAN85   FC-2530 PSR50-4      
FC-0810 PJAN115   FC-2540 PSR70-4      
FC-0820 PJAN145   FC-2550 PSR100-4      
FC-0821 PJANCS100-4   FC-2560 PSR135-4      
FC-0823 PJANCS200-4   FC-2570 PSR137-4      
FC-0900 PAST50   FC-2580 PPC50      
FC-0901 PAST75   FC-2590 PPC75      
FC-0902 PAST100   FC-2960 PWW75-4      
FC-0903 PAST150   FC-2965 PWW100-4      
FC-1210 PA12   FC-2968 PWW250-4      
FC-1211 PA190   FC-2969 PWW150-4      
FC-1215 PA20   FC-2970 PLBS50      
FC-1220 PA225   FC-2971 PLBS75      
FC-1223 PA56SV   FC-2972 PLBS100      
FC-1225 PA81   FC-2977 PWW250-4      
FC-1226 PA106   FC-2989 PWW300-4      
FC-1227 PA131   FC-3060 PH6      
FC-1228 PA40   FC-3063 POX50      
FC-1230 PA25   FC-3064 POX75      
FC-1235 PA50SV   FC-3068 PW133      
FC-1240 PA50   FC-3069 PS12      
FC-1245 PA55   FC-3076 PS9-4      
FC-1250 PA75   FC-3100 PLW25-4      
FC-1255 PWWCT75   FC-3101 PLW50-4      
FC-1256 PA76   FC-3102 PLW75-4      
FC-1260 PA75SV   FC-3103 PLW100-4      
FC-1270 PA100N   FC-3112 PFW60      
FC-1275 PA112   FC-3113 PMT20      
FC-1280 PA80   FC-3115 PPCO65      
FC-1285 PXST100   FC-3116 PPCO90      
FC-1286 PXST150   FC-3525 PLB50      
FC-1287 PWWCT150   FC-3530 PLB65      
FC-1288 PWWCT200   FC-3540 PLB100      
FC-1290 PA100   FC-3560 PLB150      
FC-1292 PA90   FC-3575 PRW150      
FC-1293 PA120   FC-3710 PC7-120      
FC-1294 PA175   FC-3725 PC8      
FC-1295 PA40SF   FC-3730 PC11-4      
FC-1296 PA126   FC-3740 PC18-4      
FC-1297 PA137
  FC-3741 PC17-4      
FC-1298 PA85   FC-3742 PGF5      
FC-1299 PA125   FC-3743 PGF10      
FC-1330 PJW23   FC-3744 PGF7      
FC-1400 PJ80-4   FC-3745 PL18-4      
FC-1401 PJ120-4   FC-3748 PIN28      
FC-1402 PJ160-4   FC-3751 PIN3PAIR      
FC-1403 PJ200S-4   FC-3752 PIN20      
FC-1425 PJ25-IN-4   FC-3753 PBW4PAIR      
FC-1426 PJ25-4   FC-3756 PHP11      
FC-1437 PJ37-IN-4   FC-3758 PHP18      
FC-1440 PJ40-4   FC-3820 PMS10-4      
FC-1445 PJ60-4   FC-3830 PMS16-4      
FC-1455 PJB60   FC-3840 PMS20-4      
FC-1460 PJ50-4   FC-4002 PD60-4      
FC-1480 PJ75-4   FC-4005 PD20SL-4      
FC-1490 PJ100-4   FC-4010 PD40SL-4      
FC-1492 PJC110-4   FC-4015 PD60SL-4      
FC-1493 PJC147-4   FC-4020 PD90SL-4      
FC-1494 PJC180-4   FC-5125 PWC25      
FC-1495 PJ150-4   FC-5150 PWC50      
FC-1498 PJ200-4   FC-5155 PJAN50      
FC-1616 PMT27.5   FC-5177 PJAN75      
FC-1638 PMT100   FC-5180 PJAN100      
FC-1920 PFAB50   FC-6105 PH55-4      
FC-1930 PFAB60   FC-6107 PH75-4      
FC-1940 PFAB80   FC-6110 PH105-4      
FC-1950 PFAB100   FC-6115 PH155-4      
FC-1960 PFAB150   FC-6235 POX135      
FC-1970 PDM75   FC-6305 POX25-IN      
FC-1971 PDM90   FC-6310 PAE50      
FC-1972 PDM120   FC-6315 PAE75      
FC-1975 PCC60   FC-6320 POX100      
FC-1976 PCC80   FC-6325 PAE150