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YIKES! My Phone Fell in the Swimming Pool

Posted by Debbie S on

The other day I was being very prudent and I was using the net to remove some debris from my swimming pool.  The pool cleaner had not picked up these items so I decided to use the net and do so myself.  It was a cool, sunny, Florida day, the cool temperature inspired me to wear a jacket while I worked outside.  I placed my cell phone in the pocket of my light jacket and proceeded to clean the pool.  I was almost all the way around the pool when suddenly I heard a small splash, as I looked into the water I saw my iPhone 6 fluttering to the bottom of the pool.  

I immediately dropped the pole and reached into the cold water.  The phone was just outside my reach.  I reached deeper still, suddenly my face was in the water and my body to about my waist. the phone lingered just outside my reach.  As I am entering the water by sliding off the edge of the pool I thought to myself, "something I have on should not be getting wet!" but at that moment all I could think of was MY PHONE!  As my feet slid in I thought, "what shoes do I have on? Oh, they can get wet".  I finally grabbed my phone and ran up the steps to exit the pool.  

This whole process seemed like it happened in slow motion when in fact it was about 10 seconds!  My husband had been spraying a mango tree nearby and ran over to me.  He tore off his shirt to dry the phone as I ripped the case off. He asked me where the compressed air can was that we used on the computers,  I retrieved it for him.  He sprayed the air into the phone to hopefully blow out the water from inside the phone. 

I then realized that the items I had on that should not be in the pool were my contact lenses and my iWatch!  I fried off the watch and it was fine, thank GOD for that!!! I then realized how cold I was and proceeded to dry off and change my clothes.

I ran inside and called Verizon, YAY the phone is working.  He instructed me to put it in the sun the next day for a few hours.  Well, then the phone died!  I couldn't wait to do nothing until tomorrow.  My husband patiently used my blow dryer on low, cool to allow air to blow over and through the phone.  It still would not work, it would not even charge. I was concerned because I had so much information in my phone, but at least we had backed it up a month ago and it backed up to the cloud daily.  We place the phone in a bowl of rice and went to bed.

The next morning I raced to check my phone. It turned on!!! I was so excited.  It was 1% charged so I plugged it into it's waiting charger and allowed it to charge.  My phone was working!  Now I just hope it continues to do so. 

Lesson learned: don't trust a pocket to hold your phone! With all my years around pools I should have known this. Luckily, in 15 years in the pool business this is only the second time I dropped a phone in the swimming pool. I hope you will be prudent and careful with your cell phone around the water's edge. 

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Happy and Safe Swimming~ You....not your phone!