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Swimming Keeps You Healthy

Posted by Debbie S. on

Were you aware of how beneficial swimming can be to your health?  We all love to enjoy our swimming pools in the summer, maybe you just enjoy floating on your raft and drinking in a few rays of the sun.  First, I must say to remember your sunscreen so you don't burn, but it's okay to allow your body a few minutes of pure sun, this can increase your Vitamin D in your body which is very important for good health. But this article is about the physical benefits of swimming so lets move on.

Whether your pool is small or large you can still get benefits from exercising in the pool, you may swim laps or perhaps simply perform some water aerobics.  Either way, MOVE that BODY!.  One hour of vigorous swimming will burn up to 650 calories, that is more than walking or biking. Swimming works all the major muscle groups in the body. And, a very important point is that swimming helps to reduce stress.  We all could use that benefit!  

Swimming also is great cardiovascular exercise because you are working against the resistance of the water which is over ten times that of the air. It may come as a surprise but you must keep hydrated while swimming. You may think, I'm in the water so why hydrate.  Well, as you are exercising your body core temperature rises as with other exercises, your body will produce sweat, you just won't feel it because you are already wet. So....drink water as you exercise in the water.

Sadly, 65% of people in the United States do not know how to swim!  If you have a pool and can't swim or are uncomfortable I strongly encourage you to take lessons!  Check with your city recreation department for local classes.

And, finally, keep that pool water clean and sanitized as you swim. One basic way is to check your water balance weekly during the swim season and keep your pool filter clean!  For tips on maintaining a clean and healthy swimming pool and pool filter please visit  Pool Cartridge Deals Articles and Blogs

Happy Swimming,.