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We offer Pool Filter Cartridges for many major brands of pool filters such as Hayward Pool Filter, Pentair Pool Filters, Jandy, American Products, Intex, Sta-Rite, Clean and Clear Pus along with many other brands. As you replace your worn out pool filter cartridge locate the model and size of your existing pool filter.  Correspond that number with the one of the chart for your filter manufacturer.  If the model number of the pool filter is worn off then go to the Filter Manufacturer page and locate your brand i.e. Hayward, Pentair, etc.  measure your existing pool filter cartridge and cross reference it with the dimensions.  It is ALWAYS a good idea to confirm measurements prior to ordering. You may always call us with questions.
DE Grids are also available from  When replacing your DE grids be sure to match the manufacturer, model number and size of your existing DE pool filter to that on the DE grid chart.  It is always a good idea to measure your existing DE grids prior to ordering to eliminate any mistakes.  DE can escape the pool filter into the pool if one or more of the DE grids has a small hole or tear.  Inspect your grids carefully at each cleaning as other factors can cause this to happen as well.  If you see a small tear, wear or hole in one or more of the grids that indicates it is time to replace the grid/s.
Pool filter tank o'rings are important to inspect every time you clean and/or change your pool filter cartridge.  If your filter is leaking at the rim, the tank o'ring is dry, cracked or compressed it is time to replace.  Again, locate the model number of your pool filter and correspond that number to the pool filter tank o'ring chart.  When replacing a tank o'ring you need to lubricate it with silicone lube.  The tank o'ring should also be lubricated as needed each time you open your pool filter.
Above all l we want you to ENJOY YOUR POOL!  If we can be of assistance to you in locating the correct pool filter cartridge or DE grid please feel free to call or email.  If you get the voice mail please leave a message and we will get back to you in a timely manner.  Check our "Resources Page" for interesting and helpful articles on pool care.


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Filter Savers (5pk)
Filter Savers (5pk)
Your Price: $6.00
Filter Savers (5pk)
Filter Savers extend the life of your filter cartridges by trapping fine debris that would otherwise bypass your skimmer baskets and become lodged in your filter cartridge elements.
GAUGE PRESS 2" 0-60# 1/4"BTM PLASTIC (SPG-06-1001)
Your Price: $6.99
GAUGE PRESS 2" 0-60# 1/4"BTM PLASTIC (SPG-06-1001)
Pool fitler pressure gauge, pressure gauge, SPG-06-1001, GAUGE PRESS 2" 0-60# 1/4"BTM PLASTIC, filter pressure gauge
Filter Flosser Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaner
Your Price: $26.99
Filter Flosser Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaner
Filter Flosser cleans pool filter cartridges by reducing cleaning time by 50%, uses less water and requires less effort in cleaning filter cartridge. Filter Flosser cleans between cartridge pleats,removes harsh dirt build up, extends life of cartridge.
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